Process plants.

In cooperation with our global JAG teams,
we create turnkey solutions for every need.


Our systems achieve incredible efficiency.


Working to create the smart factory.

JAG – The leader in process technology

We design and build turnkey process plants and robotics systems. We are known for our intuitively operated systems that we automate ourselves. Once up and running, we provide maintenance and offer customers support, consulting and optimisation over the long term.

Advantages for our customers


We are always looking for the best solution. To achieve this, we develop our own products and collaborate with customer specialists on innovations.


As reliable as a Swiss watch, we offer excellent service, customer focus and adherence to schedules. We react quickly and do everything in our power to prevent downtimes.


Our plants and automation systems are easy to use, and the graphical interfaces provide a clear representation of the sophisticated logic behind them.


The modular design of our plants and automation systems makes them easy to extend, allowing you to use them for longer with maximum efficiency.

Success Story

Precision for pharmaceutical products.

A powder mixing plant for active pharmaceutical substances.

This pharma project documents how well we met highly demanding requirements for safety, hygiene and traceability.

About JAG Jakob AG

We are a leading Swiss provider of process plants, automation and robotics.


We offer exciting jobs and the opportunity to specialise in a certain area or pursue a career in management.