With the Manufacturing Execution System JAG MES, production facilities and manufacturing processes can be monitored, controlled and optimized throughout the entire company.

In addition to planning, controlling and monitoring production, other powerful functions are also included that make the JAG MES a platform for digital production. 

  1. Collection and analysis of operating, plant and process data
  1. Optimization of the plant and the production processes based on performance analysis (KPI)
  2. Plant maintenance based on operational data


The JAG MES is integration platform for machines and plants with various control systems.

The increasing modularization in machine and plant construction requires increasingly the integration of machines and package units with own controls and the data exchange with third-party software applications.

For horizontal integration, we prefer to use vendor-independent industry standards such as OPC UA, OPC DA, MQTT and Modbus/TCP. Our own development department implements customer- or project-specific interfaces, if required.

Data exchange with ERP systems uses interfaces developed specifically for this purpose.



  1. Standardized interface for data exchange with SAP® ERP
  2. Flexible data exchange with third-party software applications using scripting and LUA interpreter in JAG MES Framework
  3. Native Modbus/TCP support at control level for easy connection of third-party controllers


For integration with SAP ERP, we have developed a configurable interface for bi-directional data exchange.

Master data such as articles and recipes, production and transport orders as well as feedback from production (protocols, inventories) are exchanged via this interface.


  1. Highly configurable, bidirectional data exchange between MES and ERP
  2. Modern and well-arranged user interface for configuration and monitoring
  3. Event-driven transmission and processing of IDocs
  4. Audit trail, traceability

Performance analysIs

With the JAG OEE Cockpit module, OEE and other key performance indicators (KPIs) can be determined, visualized and evaluated.

The JAG OEE Console provides a user interface for the manual recording of reasons for a plant shutdown.

The JAG OEE Console is used to record the causes of plant shutdowns.zoom
The JAG OEE Console is used to record the causes of plant shutdowns.


  1. No effort required to determine key performance indicators
  2. Continuous updating of key figures
  3. Simple identification of potential improvements

OEE overall Equipment Effectiveness

Die Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) oder Gesamtanlageneffektivität (GAE) ist eine Kennzahl  in der Produktion. Sie definiert den Prozentsatz zu der eine Anlage, in einer vorgegebenen Geschwindigkeit, Qualitätsprodukte produziert.

OEE = VF x LF x QF


VF: Verfügbarkeitsfaktor = Verfügbarkeit / Planbelegungszeit x 100 = x %

LF: Leistungsfaktor = Istleistung [Stück/Zeit] / Sollleistung [Stück/Zeit] * 100 = x %

QF: Qualitätsfaktor= Anzahl guter Teile / Anzahl Defektteile

Die Overall Equipment Effectiveness bildet die Grundlage für Verbesserungen der Prozesse durch die Identifizierung von Produktionsverlusten und Verbesserung der Produktqualität.



The JAG MMS Maintenance Management System is monitoring the plant status and helps to plan and perform plant maintenance.


The JAG MMS Maintenance Management System enables plant owners to operate and maintain their infrastructure and production facilities in an efficient and truly paperless way. 

  • Automatic and rule-based generation of orders
  • Determination of spare parts requirements for pending orders
  • Scheduling of orders (drag and drop)
  • Technicians are interactively guided through a web-based user interface.
  • Automatic documentation of the work carried out and the actual spare parts consumption. 
  • Real time information on the status of elements and orders
  • Optimizing maintenance intervals based on operational data
With the JAG MMS, maintenance orders are planned in a simple and clear way.zoom
With the JAG MMS, maintenance orders are planned in a simple and clear way.


  1. Efficient maintenance work
  2. Reduced training efforts
  3. High quality of work
  4. Reduction of administration, planning and documentation efforts thanks to completely paperless processes
  5. High traceability

Collection of operating and production data with JAG Historian

Access to operational and production data from all of the Company's production facilities is an essential prerequisite for Industry 4.0.

The JAG Historian uses an intelligent compression algorithm. With this algorithm and the use of Microsoft SQL servers for data storage, process parameters as well as sensor and actuator data can be recorded with sufficient accuracy without the amount of data becoming uncontrollably large.

The JAG Historian makes ad hoc data analysis easy. The JAG Historian Console allows the creation and storage of any analysis with drag-and-drop.

Data can be exported for analysis with third-party applications.


energy data collection and cost reduction

The industry standard LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) enables simple and cost-effective data transmission. By connecting the sensors to the network, you obtain an overview of the operating status of the individual plants and their location, creating the basis for monitoring and analysing your operating data. This opens up completely new possibilities for optimising your energy consumption.


  1. simple configuration
  2. fast and location-independent setup
  3. low power consumption of the sensors (battery at least 10 years lifetime)
  4. long-range transmission even in buildings
  5. secure data transmission

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