The JAG PdiCS Control System

Sensible approach to production processes

The JAG PdiCS control system was specially designed for process and production automation and is constantly being further developed.

Just 3 different powerful control modules are sufficient for full automation of the largest and most demanding production processes.

A simple, process-oriented programming language makes the shortest implementation times possible.

Data exchange with third-party solutions can be easily implemented using manufacturer-independent protocols (Modbus/TCP).


Simultaneous Engineering with ATK+

The Automation Tool Kit ATK+ is the programming environment for the JAG PdiCS+ process control system.

ATK+ is GMP-validated.

With future-oriented functions, ATK+ allows efficient implementation and commissioning.

ATK+ provides effective support to teamwork. Several developers can work on one application program at the same time and at different locations.

Assistant for automatic optimization of PID controllerszoom
Assistant for automatic optimization of PID controllers


  1. Simple reuse of program codes
  2. Simultaneous work on an application program by multiple programmers across various locations
  3. Version control with Apache Subversion
  4. Access control and recording
  5. Automatic validation tests with specialised testing software and comprehensive testing programs
  6. Graphical analysis functions for recording and analysis of trend data


The JAG PdiCS+ XPM/XMM modules provide two master modules with a high computing power and strong communication capacity.

They are the heart of the JAG automation solutions and are networked with the control and field level via Ethernet, Modbus TCP, ARCNET® and serial interfaces.


  1. Designed for continuous operation of process plants with minimum interruption of production
  2. Extremely compact design
  3. Long product life cycles
  4. Compatibility across product generations


JAG PdiCS+ XIO is used for the connection of field elements.

The extremely compact design and the high port density reduce significantly the space requirements in the switching cabinet.

Thanks to numerous 24V and 0V terminals on the module, the sensors and actuators can be connected directly, i.e. without intermediate connections.

The alternative use of analogue I/Os as digital I/Os allows optimum utilization of the module.


  1. Extremely compact design and high port density
  2. Can be configured as standalone unit, as a PdiCS-BUS master or PdiCS-BUS slave
  3. Multiple communication interfaces
  4. Fully compatible with existing JAG automation solutions
JAG PdiCS+ XIO I/O Modulezoom


JAG PdiCS Master and I/O modules are frequently connected by ARCNET® networks.

A wide choice of network topology is possible when the JAG HUB is used.

Longer distances can be bridged with fibre-optic segments; star and tree-shaped topologies are also possible.


  1. Permits segmentation of the network together with star and tree-shaped topologies
  2. Long distances can be bridged using fibre optic segments
  3. Transmission speed up to 10 Mbit /s
  4. Straightforward commissioning

Touch-Panel-PC JAG BDS

Thanks to hygienic design and the use of suitable materials, Touch-Panel PCs of the JAG BDS-15 and BDS-7 type can be used for operating stations which are located directly in the production line.


  1. Front frame in polished V4A stainless steel
  2. FDA-compliant seals
  3. Suitable for use in control cabinets and on control panels on site

identification system JAG IDS

User management, identification and traceability made easy.

The JAG IDS Identification System is used for access control to work and operating stations in clean rooms and keeps a continuous record of all user interventions.

It consists of two parts :

  • Hygienically designed JAG IDS readers, available in 3 different versions
  • The JAG User Manager software application for managing user rights and access control


  1. Optimised for use in clean rooms
  2. Contactless tags in 3 designs
  3. The tags remain on the reader head without the need to be held in position. This permits immediate logout after removing the tag, thereby enabling maximum traceability
  4. Entitlements with user groups
  5. Optional link to Active Directory to permit use of existing user accounts

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