We develop and build our own automation and control system solution for the complete automation of manufacturing processes.

The JAG automation solution is integrated from the field level to the ERP interface and contains no unnecessary interfaces.

The production control system is fully integrated into the Manufacturing Execution System JAG MES. No complex interfaces and integration efforts are required.


Being a supplier of turnkey process plants and robotic systems, we can immediately use our know-how for the further development of our automation solution. This results in a system solution that is optimally tailored to the needs of the process and manufacturing industry.


  1. Program changes without interrupting production
  2. Minimum time for commissioning
  3. System-based user guidance and operator support
  4. Complete traceability

Manufacturing Executions System JAG MES

JAG MES is an up-to-date framework for the plant management and process control level (MES and SCADA).


Thanks to the modular architecture, the JAG MES solution can be easily configured. Depending on the requirements, standard modules can be activated.

If required, the JAG MES can be supplemented with industry-, customer- or project-specific modules.

The seamless integration of process control into the Manufacturing Execution System allows automated processes and user interventions to be combined in an individual recipe.



The visualization JAG PVI+ is a web-based module of the JAG MES framework for operation and monitoring.

Already existing PCs, touch panels and pads can be used to operate and monitor a system. An installed and updated web browser is sufficient.

A process plant can be represented in the form of an animated P&I diagram. Historical data can be easily accessed (with JAG Historian as data source).

User dialogs for manual intervention by plant operators are also part of process visualization.

Powder mixing plant for 3D-printing powder production. The four docking stations for adding the preliminary products are clearly visible.zoom
Powder mixing plant for 3D-printing powder production. The four docking stations for adding the preliminary products are clearly visible.
Monitoring of the powder mixing plant. The four docking stations are clearly visible.zoom
Monitoring of the powder mixing plant. The four docking stations are clearly visible.


The JAG PdiCS control system was specially designed for process and production automation and is constantly being further developed.

A simple, process-oriented programming language, only 3 powerful control modules and decentralization of functions allow for optimum automation solutions for production processes.

Master module JAG PdiCS+ XMMzoom
  1. Only 3 powerful and multifunctional control modules
  2. Simple and powerful process-oriented programming language
  3. Decentralized functions
  4. High functionality on PLC level
  5. Recipe-based approach (according to ANSI/ISA - 88)
  6. Maximum scalability
The new IO module JAG PdiCS+ XIOzoom


As a system developer, manufacturer and system integrator, we control the product life cycle of the hardware and software components of the JAG automation solution.

A maximum service life minimizes the overall costs for the plant operator.

We ensure compatibility between different product generations. Existing control systems and thus existing process and production facilities can be expanded at any time.

  1. System support throughout the entire service life
  2. New system generations are downward compatible
  3. Extension of existing control possible at any time
  4. Staged expansion of production facilities possible

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