Peak efficiency.

Plant engineering. Automation. Robotics.

We offer integrated solutions and turnkey plants for demanding process technology. Our highly automated and connected complete systems are among the best in the world.

A down-to-earth company with lofty goals

From A to Z, we design and build turnkey process plants, before upgrading them with our own automation solutions and process control systems. We follow up with long-term service to make sure that the plants remain available and productive long into the future.

Philosophy and unique selling points

Protecting investments with our own developments

Our customers can have peace of mind that their investment is safe. We offer a 10-year guarantee on our controllers and a 20-year guarantee on replacement parts.

System developers and integrators

Unlike many of our competitors, we not only integrate existing software, but also develop our own new software programs and modules. This is one reason why our systems achieve above-average process efficiency.

Collaborative innovations

Our system developers stay in close contact with customer specialists. Many of our specific solutions are the result of this collaborative development. Being able to access this quickly and directly gives customers a competitive advantage.

Other important benefits for customers

We offer flexible, modular and customised systems that can be operated intuitively and reliably. We react quickly and pragmatically, without getting bogged down in bureaucracy. We also make communication easy by giving you the same JAG contact partner for all your needs and wishes.

The JAG Group

In addition to JAG Jakob AG, the JAG Group encompasses subsidiaries in Switzerland, Australia and the Czech Republic. In total, the JAG Group employs around 230 people.

amotec AG
amotec AG

Our assembly partner specialises in plant and pipeline construction in process technology. amotec uses only stainless steel and aluminium products.

R. Wick AG
R. Wick AG

R. Wick AG strengthens the JAG Group with their experience in robotics, from robot cells to large-scale plants. Wick has helped make the JAG Group one of Switzerland’s leading robotics system integrators.

JAG Process Solutions
JAG Process Solutions

The JAG subsidiary in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia allows us to fulfil our promise of customer proximity ‘to the ends of the earth’.

WHS-Handling spol. s r.o.
WHS-Handling spol. s r.o.

WHS is a JAG subsidiary in the Czech Republic, and supplements the Group’s robotics portfolio with engineering and automation expertise, along with special process knowledge in mechanical engineering and the plastics industry.

Weibel & Partner AG
Weibel & Partner AG

Weibel & Partner AG are experts in all aspects relating to process automation in biotechnology and industrial automation.

A journey back in time through our unique success story

Our company developed from a small electrical installation firm to a leading Swiss systems house for process plants, automation and robotics. A journey through our milestones shows how we grew to become a provider of complete solutions.

  • 1930

    Company foundation

    The city of Biel grants JAG the concession for electrical installations.
  • 1974

    Expansion into process automation

    JAG builds the first fully automatically controlled production plant in the dairy industry.
  • 1984

    First in-house automation solution

    JAG begins developing its own programmable control systems (PCS).
  • 1991

    Expansion into pharma/biotech

    JAG automates a process plant in the pharmaceutical industry for the first time.
  • 1998


    Foundation of JAG Jakob AG Prozesstechnik: our big joint step towards independence.
  • 1998

    Complete turnkey systems

    JAG receives the first commission from a pharmaceutical firm to plan, build, automate and qualify a large turnkey plant.
  • 2002

    Expanding the value creation chain

    JAG found subsidiary amotec AG for assembly systems.
  • 2015

    First international subsidiary

    JAG opens JAG Process Solutions PTY LTD in Brunswick (Melbourne).
  • 2018

    Supplier of robotics solutions

    The acquisitions of R. Wick AG and WHS turn JAG into a leading robotics and systems integrator.

Our certifications

Every certificate is a seal of quality for safe and reliable plants and systems. Alongside our own certifications, we rely on those of our partners within the JAG Group depending on the project.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Powder mixing plant
Powder mixing plant

Powder mixing plant

Demanding requirements for active pharmaceutical substances.

Retrofitting a cheese plant
Retrofitting a cheese plant

Retrofitting a cheese plant

Smart factory-compatible for future automation.

Robotics for medical engineering
Robotics for medical engineering

Robotics for medical engineering

Software, robotics and cell construction for the processing of endoscopic lenses.