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  • Easy integration into plants 
  • Scalability
  • Top process quality

Jag MS Pigging system

The pigging system JAG MS has been specially developed for difficult application areas in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and other industries with pumpable products.

It consists of five assemblies and a pigging control system which can be combined in various ways.


  1. Low-loss ejection processes in pipe systems
  2. Significant increase in productivity thanks to successive low-mix transfer of different products through the same pipe system
  3. Higher productivity thanks to more efficient product changeover 
  4. Reduction of solvent requirement for cleaning operations
  5. Less heavily polluted waste water as solids are recovered before CIP cleaning
JAG MSS Pig Launching Station zoom
JAG MSS Pig Launching Station
JAG MSE Single Pig Single Receiving Station (with valve)zoom
JAG MSE Single Pig Single Receiving Station (with valve)
JAG MSR Pig Reversing Stationzoom
JAG MSR Pig Reversing Station
JAG MSZ Pig Branche Piecezoom
JAG MSZ Pig Branche Piece
JAG MSD Pig Double Receiving Station (with valves)zoom
JAG MSD Pig Double Receiving Station (with valves)

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