Reference cases

Retrofitting a cheese plant during running production

The existing control system for the cheese plant at Cremo was on its last legs. Increasing failures, interruptions to production and having to order replacement parts was leading to problems.

Cremo decided to replace the old control system with a new modern automated solution. JAG implemented the renovation without interrupting or stopping ongoing production.

So that the system can still be operated without additional replacement investments, the automated solution must also be able to control the old elements of the system.

Monitoring and operating the cheese vat with JAG MESzoom
Monitoring and operating the cheese vat with JAG MES


  1. The system is fit for future requirements, such as complete traceability and Industry 4.0.
  2. Simple and intuitive operation of the system via touch screen
  3. High level of automation
Automatic turning stationzoom
Automatic turning station

Multi-batch process plants for ultimate efficiency and economy

CSL Behring produces immunoglobulins in high-efficiency multi-batch production plants which are among the largest and most modern of their kind in the world.

The automation solution makes it possible to process multiple production batches on the one production line.

This means CSL Behring achieves maximum utilisation of the plants at its Bern (CH) and Melbourne (AUS) sites.


  1. Minimum throughput times
  2. Maximum utilisation
  3. Consistently high product quality
  4. Maximum process safety
  5. Paperless production 
  6. Efficient recording and management of process data
JAG PdiCS controls multi-batch processes fully automatedzoom
JAG PdiCS controls multi-batch processes fully automated
Recipe-based control of production and auxiliary processeszoom
Recipe-based control of production and auxiliary processes

Quality, hygiene and efficiency with the JAG MS pigging system

Villars Maître Chocolatier SA used the relocation of its chocolate tank farm as an opportunity to improve the efficiency of its operation and maintenance.

To achieve this, five new conveyor pipes, the conches, storage tanks and filling lines were combined, installed as heated pigging lines and equipped with the JAG MS dual pigging system.

The pigging systems are a means of implementing path switchings. They also clean the conveyor pipes efficiently upon product changeovers.

Layout of the new chocolate tank farmzoom
Layout of the new chocolate tank farm

The solution

  • Five heated pigging lines with a total of around 80 JAG MS pigging system components.
  • All pigging system components are equipped with a warm water jacket heating system.
  • Each pigging system is controlled by its own configurable pigging control system, which controls the directional control valves, pig positioning and pigging speed.
  • Around 20 pigging processes per line per day are executed using the dual pigging method.
  • The pigging control system manages the product-specific and line-specific parameters.
  • Compressed air as the pigging propellant.
  • Status monitoring of the pig by way of automatic pigging leakage test.
Pre-assembly of the pigging lineszoom
Pre-assembly of the pigging lines


  1. Turnkey system solution
  2. Fully automatic pigging processes
  3. Path switchings with dual pigging system: Minimum product loss and cross-contamination
  4. No dead-spaces: Maximum hygiene
  5. Integration of the pigging control system into an overarching plant control system

Pre-assembly of manifoldszoom
Pre-assembly of manifolds

Robots replaces simple manual tasks in the watch industry

Rémy Montavon SA produces parts for the watch industries. In cooperation with JAG, Montavon is continuously seeking ways and means to improve productivity.

Thus a fully automated six-axes robot has replaced the manual loading and unloading of lathes.

The implemented robot control system is based on the JAG PdiCS automation solution.

The production management system WebFPS is used for operation, supervision and the management of articles and parameters of  the robot control system.


  1. Minimal capital expenditure, rapid implementation
  2. Shortest payback period
  3. Step-by-step automation of manual tasks
  4. Easy operation, simple and intuitive user interface
  5. Automatic program selection and download to the robot control system on product change
  6. No need for complex protection devices  
Design of a robot cellzoom
Design of a robot cell
Production management system WebFPSzoom
Production management system WebFPS


The potable water systems in the municipalities of Jura are in poor condition. In some instances, almost 50% of potable water is lost.

Since the beginning of 2016, the municipalities in the Canton of Jura have been under a statutory obligation to restore potable water Pipelines.

The Municipality of Pruntrut had already commenced using high-performance sondes in the ducts to detect water losses more than 6 years ago, enabling it to reduce water loss from 48% to 12% within 6 years.


A modern control system ensures potable water supply

The entire water supply network of Pruntrut is depicted clearly in the control centre.


Control and monitoring of water treatment are achieved using JAG PdiCS control modules and the JAGPVI visualisation Software.

The system can be monitored and controlled remotely via PC, smart phone or tablet.


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